Christine Evans is an American tailored sportswear designer based in New York City, passionate about creating meaningful pieces that reflect her unique view of the world. Having an eye for color and vibrancy, Christine enjoys playing with bold color, texture, material and silhouette, making a graphic, yet elegant statement through her pieces. She has an eye for using graphic prints and shapes which she integrates into her clothing, whether it be creating a graphic or slogan to laser cut onto leather or wax cotton, or even experimenting with screen-printing on fabric. Christine always finds a way to incorporate new techniques into her clothing to make a statement.

Christine received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, also studying at the University of Arts London: Central Saint Martins, embracing her love for travel.  After discovering a passion for knitwear and evolving her lifelong love of fashion illustration, she found the most important part of creating a collection is research. Using research as a driving force for her collections, Christine enjoys diving into the rich history behind how her garments are made, where fabrics originate and are crafted and what it means to use certain pieces to create an identity. She enjoys drawing from her own heritage to uncover details that will make her clothing more authentic, rich in detail and enable her consumer to feel as confident, energetic and excited as she does when she dresses up in the morning. 

Born in Washington, D.C., Christine has been surrounded by current events her entire life. After vowing she would never discuss politics again at the age of fifteen, Christine found she couldn’t escape her hidden passion for the subject.Rather than run from her interest, Christine found that integrating current events into her work brought about two of her greatest passions. She enjoys exploring the relationship between art and politics, how they impact one another in certain climates and the values they share. Christine believes her clothing not only empowers her clients to feel most confident, but also gives them the ability to make a political statement through fashion. 


Ralph Lauren

Kate Spade 

Michael Kors

Oscar de la Renta

Tory Burch

Under Armour

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